Tips for Heat Styling By Cortney

Our clients are always asking what tools, products and tips to keep in mind when they heat style their hair!


Our Durham stylist Cortney offers the latest her instagram!

For fine hair, we recommend 250 degrees-325, 350 max if using a good protectant spray.

Medium average hair~350-375

Thick/multi textured hair~375-410

Why is using a heat protectant product important? It helps protect hair from damage which can cause split ends, frizz and breakage.

She recommends~Cult and King Set Spray~smooths hair, feels good in hair, little to no flyaways, multi-use product~can be used as a diffuser to blowout, or on dry hair as a hairspray.


For those clients who prefer a 1 and done product~thermo detangling cloud by oway~spray in damp then brush and blowdry then use hot tools


Tools she recommends~”pretty in a minute”~type of metal in it(flat iron)to prevent chipping if it gets too hot and lifetime warranty, wand has detachable heads 


She recommends to not over heat style your hair~2-3 times a week for best condition of hair!


For further ease of styling she recommends, at night use a bonnet or do a loose braid so less styling required in the morning.


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