The Artistry of Curls Here at Meraki!

As you probably know, we’re big on taking care of our community here at Meraki. It’s part of our culture, and a lot of intentional thought and energy is channeled into how we can best serve our guests. That’s why we have been working hard to deepen our knowledge-base and perfect our skillsets for cutting, coloring, and styling textured hair. Textured hair can span from those fluffy just barely waves all the way to the tightest ringlets of curls and everything in between. There are so many different curl and wave types, and often one person has multiple texture types in the same head of hair! Which is exactly why cutting curly hair is truly an art form that requires both dedication to learning the skill and an eye for detail.

Last year three of our stylists took part in a curl class that delves deeper into the science of curly hair. Curly Hair Artistry is taught by local curl expert, Scott Musgrave, and in their own words, CHA is “a non-brand based education company focusing on removing the fear of working on clients with “frizzy-dry hair” by teaching hairstylists the art, methods/techniques and business of embracing all types of wavy & curly hair.” While we believe in the methods of various curl companies such as DevaCurl, we knew that we wanted to focus on a non-branded technique that would allow our stylists and guests the flexibility of finding products and techniques that work best for them. CHA focuses on three different cutting methods that give stylists the knowledge base to truly customize each haircut. They utilize Cubist Curl Cutting, Lace Cutting, and Crescent Cutting, along with the mindset of cutting the hair where it lives. In other words, the focus is on viewing each head of hair as its own unique pattern of curls rather than applying a structured or “technically correct” haircut method.

We are constantly re-evaluating how we can make your experience even better, so when we reflected on our curly services, we wanted to ensure a few important details were included. Our menu now includes a “Freeform Custom Curl Haircut” that goes beyond just the cut. This service is a non-branded custom experience tailored specifically to meet your individual needs when it comes to your curl pattern, and education on caring for your unique hair. Our curl haircuts are never double booked and include product and styling knowledge in addition to a custom curly haircut. The process involves a Vitamin C Detox to remove buildup and prep your hair to receive moisture (vital for curl forming!) along with using a curl-tailored line of products called Innersense that are all moisture-based and water-soluble. More on Innersense below!

Not only are we able to work with all hair textures through the CHA cutting and styling methods, but the skills also extend to curly and textured hair extensions as well. The customized nature of each haircut along with the dry cutting method translates perfectly to how we cut and shape hair extensions. If you’re interested in learning more about our hair extension methods here at Meraki, check out this blog post giving all the hair extension deets.

When we first heard about Innersense Organic Beauty, we knew we had to bring their product line to Meraki. Not only do they work magic on textured hair of all kinds, but their mission is also one that resonates with us. In their own words, “Innersense Organic Beauty is a company dedicated to purity, peace of mind, and the practice of self-care. Our mission is to empower, inform, and inspire beauty and wellness, helping our customers make healthier, cleaner choices that align with their personal values.” We love every bit of this and are proud to partner with them not only to support a clean, organic line of haircare products, but to bring this option to our guests. Innersense isn’t just for curly hair; its focus on clean ingredients and moisture means it is a healthy choice for all hair textures.

No matter what texture your hair is—from straight and fine to big, bold, and full of body we would love the opportunity to care for your hair. We are always looking to work with new textures and curl patterns and welcome you and your unique hair here at Meraki. Check out our current curly cutting specialists below!