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    Organic Perms~Say Whaaattt?

    This ain’t your grandma’s perm, times have changed! Gone are the stink, crunchy “ramen” curls and we are LOVING the soft texture, natural looking “born with it” look! Fully...

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    Happy Birthday to Us!

    It’s been 6 years already for our flagship salon in Raleigh! How time flies when we love what we do and the people we get to share it with~our...

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    We love our clients!

    Clients are looking for an experience not just the service itself and we loved getting tips on how to make that better for each guest each time! First we...

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    What makes us a non-toxic salon+stylists

    A non-toxic hair salon is a place that prioritizes the use of natural, organic, and non-toxic products and practices. In action, you might see stylists wearing gloves and aprons...

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    New Extension Certification Method at Meraki Salons

    We had the opportunity to host @alexyorkfounder of @mane.and.co last week for Hair Extensions! Summer, Shelby, Emma Jean and Becky attended this incredible class and got certified in the...

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    We are Carbon Neutral!

    Join us in celebrating our  2022 Carbon Neutral Certification! This is our commitment to protecting the planet and supporting better practices in our industry. This certificate showcases our environmental...

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    Tips for Heat Styling

    Our clients are always asking what tools, products and tips to keep in mind when they heat style their hair! For fine hair, we recommend 250 degrees-325, 350 max...

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    How to Blow Dry Style Naturally Curly Hair

    We absolutely love our curly folks but for those days when nothing will do but a smooth blowout look no further.   Here is a step by step process...

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    3 easy steps to choose the right product for YOU!

    Its so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there and your hair is unique to you so what may work for one person may not work...

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    Meet the owner feature~How to build a Great Team!

    Check out what canvas rebel Raleigh had to say when chatting with owner Michelle on how to build a strong team from the start! We caught up with the...

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