Organic Perms~Say Whaaattt?

This ain’t your grandma’s perm, times have changed! Gone are the stink, crunchy “ramen” curls and we are LOVING the soft texture, natural looking “born with it” look!

Fully customizable in both strength(think tightness of curl) and texture of natural hair so no more breakage using a stronger formula than needed.

Our perms are from OWAY(organic way) ammonia free, Thioglycolate free, color safe, retains scalp and hair health, take home products to support your curls!

From soft romantic waves, defined curls, coils etc!

We only offer services and products that support our vision of lower toxic products that help treat and improve hair and scalp health using refillable sustainable options all while maintaining and supporting our professional colors and industry.

We care about offering accessible options for our clients and community for safer alternatives to high end salon services without sacrificing anything!

We look forward to seeing you in salon for your favorite low toxic service and take home some organic products while you are here or refill the ones you have!