What makes us a non-toxic salon+stylists

A non-toxic hair salon is a place that prioritizes the use of natural, organic, and non-toxic products and practices. In action, you might see stylists wearing gloves and aprons to protect themselves and clients from harmful chemicals. The salon might also have good ventilation to reduce chemical fumes in the air and plants!

You might see clients getting their hair washed with sulfate-free shampoo, which is gentle on the scalp and hair. Stylists might also use plant-based hair color that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like ammonia and PPD. We use Cor color+clean liquids.

Overall, in a non-toxic hair salon, you should see a commitment to using safer products and practices that prioritize the health of clients and stylists alike.

Cor Color product photography

A non-toxic culture hair stylist is a hairstylist who prioritizes the use of non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable hair care products, as well as a healthy work environment. This means they aim to reduce or eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional hair care products that can be harmful to both the stylist and their clients.

Some key practices that Meraki as a non-toxic culture hair salon stylist might embrace include:

  1. Use of non-toxic hair care products that are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.(Oway, O&M, Innersense)
  2. Minimizing the use of heat styling tools and harsh chemicals such as ammonia-based hair dyes and hair relaxers.
  3. Prioritizing natural and organic hair care products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  4. Ensuring proper ventilation in the salon to minimize exposure to fumes and chemicals.
  5. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and promotes self-care.

By prioritizing these practices, a non-toxic culture hair salon stylist can help clients achieve their desired look while also promoting healthy and sustainable hair care practices.