New Service…Extensions!

Have you been dreaming of a new look?

Did you know Meraki offers a variety of high end hair extensions to turn your hair goals into reality? When it comes to the services that we offer here at Meraki, we pour a lot of time and energy into researching different brands, methods, and products to ensure we are bringing the very best to our guests. Expanding our hair extension methods was no different. Earlier this year we made it a priority to research new extension methods in order to provide more hair solutions for you, our guests. Our stylists previously offered fusion bonded hair extensions, but after evaluating the different methods available we decided there was a lot of value we could offer our guests by bringing in both tape-in and hand-tied hair extensions, along with adding temporary hair solution options as well.

We wanted to break down what our new hair extension methods look like and how they could be exactly the hair solution you’ve been looking for. First up, our tried and true fusion bonded hair extensions. Fusion extensions are a great solution for fine to medium hair in need of a little more fullness or for filling in skinny ends. Often we find that when your hair is of a finer texture, when it gets to a certain length the ends can start to look a bit wispy. Fusion hair extensions work well to fill in your hair while looking very natural.

The first method we have recently introduced is tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in extensions are a great solution for adding length and/or a little bit of volume. They work best for women who don’t need to pull their hair up often, and are also one of the most budget-friendly methods of hair extensions. They’re sort of a “fan favorite” of extension wearers everywhere.

Next up is our professional quality clip-in hair extensions. We wanted to be able to offer something for women who only want to wear hair extensions on occasion, but are still looking for a high-quality option. Clip-ins also have the flexibility to add some fun! Did you know that clip-in bangs AND clip-in ponies exist? We’re so excited to be able to bring you these and more!

And finally, the method we’ve been pouring a ton of energy into and are super excited about! Hand-tied hair extensions are having a moment and for good reason. They are the most natural, light-weight hair extensions out there, and they provide the most amount of hair with the fewest attachment points. We also love that you can style them with more variety than other extension methods.

All of the methods that we offer are completely customizable. We can create any hair color, texture, or curl pattern and take pride in matching you with the right method for your specific hair goals and needs. Every aspect of our hair extensions process is designed around providing the most value to you, our guests. It was also important to us that our pricing be both competitive and set up to ensure you are receiving the most amount of hair for the cost.

It’s part of the Meraki mindset to dedicate ourselves whole-heartedly to offering the best techniques along with perfecting our craft with education and practice. We spent a lot of time researching the various hand-tied hair extensions methods and brands before choosing where to get certified. We are proud to partner with Aqua Hair Extensions whose hand-tied technique is coveted amongst hair extension artists, along with Bellami Hair Extensions, a renowned hair extensions brand. We vetted every company we work with from the extension methods to the hair suppliers, and guarantee the quality of our hair extensions. All of our stylists who offer each method have been certified within that method, taken models for hands-on practice, and are committed to continuing to grow their extension artistry.

Peep our extension specialists below!

We look forward to adding these amazing natural services to our menu. Call and book your consultation today!