NEW Oway Herbs & Clay Treatment

Introducing our new Oway Herbs & Clay Cleansing Treatment at both Meraki locations!

Made from 100% natural ingredients, it combines the medicinal effectiveness of biodynamic savoury leaves and horsetail stems, with the purifying and detoxifying properties of Amazonian pink clay and soap nuts, as well as the aromatherapeutic power of natural, biodynamic essential oil blends, to help rebalance your skin, hair and mind.

We use the Oway lunar chart for an even more effective cleanse. Because the moon influences sowing and harvesting, controls the movement of tides, affects birth cycles and promotes hair growth and beauty, using the Herbs & Clay peeling cleanser in conjunction with the moon’s phases increases its power and effectiveness.

During the growing moon phase, sap is constantly running. The roots are predisposed to absorbing nutrients available and the plants grow and develop with more strength. This is the time to recharge your hair with moisturising, antioxidant and fortifying ingredients. Recommended treatment: Herbs & Clay peeling cleanser + Antioxidant blend or Strengthening blend.

With the waning moon, our vital rhythms slow down. The ground rests, to be ready to start afresh. This is an ideal time for soothing, purifying and calming treatments, aimed at resting the scalp. Recommended treatment: Herbs & Clay peeling cleanser + Relaxing blend.

Ask about it at your next appointment, or any of our new Oway treatments!