New Extension Certification Method at Meraki Salons

We had the opportunity to host @alexyorkfounder of @mane.and.co last week for Hair Extensions!

Summer, Shelby, Emma Jean and Becky attended this incredible class and got certified in the @maneandcomethod

Everything about this method leveled up the game from where the bead is placed, how many beads, how much stitching and where, cutting and shaping, styling and pic taking and what type of hair is best for the most seamless comfortable wear for the guest.

So many tips and tricks for our stylists to create a fully custom look.

We were also the first to try her new hybrid hair line coming soon! It’s amazing! Make sure you’re following @alexyork for more details

That’s what we do…education, growth all while supporting each other to be the best!

It was a pleasure to connect my team with a Top Extension Specialist in the industry who I met last year at an industry mastermind by @lerinkelly

I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to share Alex with our team!