New Career Paths & Compensation Structure to Meraki Salon


Everything about this brand just went to a new level! From our education program, to our mentorship program to our career path and compensation program.

One thing holds true. At @merakisalonnc we’re always evolving and paving way in this industry and showing our team what’s possible!

We have a new pathway for growth and success here at Meraki… We’ve unrolled a new sliding commission scale! We are so thrilled for our team to be able to reach their ultimate financial freedom with this new compensation structure!

The new sliding commission scale gives stylists more control over their income as they are essentially able to grow at their own speed, give themselves raises each month, creating true time & financial freedom for themselves as we always strive to empower our stylists within our spaces! As always a happy and fine tuned culture creates the best in our client care and expertise with which to pour into our guests and their experience here. We are always looking to pay it forward in all the ways where so many can benefit, not just those who work with us!

A few of our stylists share the reasons they’re excited for this new addition to Meraki. check it out here  Hear what the team is saying!

We cannot wait to watch them continue to hit their goals and go above and beyond.

Stay tuned for future videos explaining the intention behind these amazing changes this year!