Meraki’s Creative Photoshoot Project!

Meraki has been up to some exciting projects!  We recently did a styled shoot, shot and videoed by local photographers, styled by Edge of Urge, and organized and planned by Raleigh’s creative director & stylist Kerry. This was an amazing opportunity for select stylists from both locations to showcase their creative talents in an individualistic and fun way. From start to finish, each stylist had complete control over their ideas and how to implement that into the shoot. This also gave stylists the opportunity to show the range of their skill set, some by creating opposing looks. It’s not often that they are able to do these styled shoots, and by doing so they were able to create snapshots that showcase their individuality and that can go into their professional portfolios. These professional portfolios can help to propel their careers, offering potential clients a glimpse into the kind of work they can do but might not see on their everyday clients. The experience as a whole helps them hone their craft in a creative way and allows them to push past their own boundaries as an artist and stylist.
One of our Raleigh stylists, Shelby, said “I had a ton of fun with this project! It was a unique way for me to channel my vision for my models from inside my head to behind the camera. I had two models and did opposite themes for them; one dark and grungy, and one light and boho. I don’t often get to control the entire aesthetic my clients have…overall a very exciting project to build my professional portfolio”.
We’re thrilled to show you some sneak peeks! More to come soon!