Meraki’s 3 year Anniversary!!!

Hi all,

With our three year anniversary coming up on the 15th (!!!), I  wanted to share a few words. First, I want to say a BIG thank you to every guest, teammate, brand, and vendor that has touched the operations, culture and environment here at Meraki. There have been significant changes in different aspects of the business, but one thing has always remained the same:  A determined and passionate pursuit to curate a unique, calm, and supportive place to be, day in and day out.

As the sole owner, it’s been important to me to always look for new information, to improve upon our systems, and to challenge our way of viewing a problem, person, or the world at large. This thirst and curiosity is what brings me joy, and I never tire of thoughtful ways to better client care and team care, focusing on wellness, health and results. I personally take the time to respond to every review and email, leaving my door open to be a source of guidance, expertise, and care. The goal is always to empower those around me in a way that works for both sides, without sacrificing any party’s dignity, expertise or humanity.

Since opening I’ve planned for the long game, with a focus on intentional quality versus quick fixes and cheap services. I’ve done years of research to pick the products and chemicals that will best benefit our services and space. I hope to always provide a place for stylists where they feel taken care of, educated, and are assured of their sustainability in this industry, both financially and creatively.

I already have plans in place to expand my vision, culture and mission to invite even more to participate and work alongside me. I can’t wait to look for ways to continue to say thank you to my community, my team and our guests!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been three whole years since Meraki officially came into fruition. I hope you all have loved every moment in this space just as much as I have.  Please feel free to join us on the 15th for a little celebration!  We’ll have Changed Impressions Jewelry doing another pop up, including custom pieces, plus goodie bags while supplies last.  We would love to see you and say hi!

My sincerest gratitude and hugs to you all,