Meraki is making moves-Now a Kevin Murphy Session Salon!

Meraki continues to advance and grow in new ways which is just what we love to do!

There is an innate sense of creativity and design in the craft of cosmetology and it is that sentiment that connects the hairstylist of the runway with the hairstylist in the salon. Kevin Murphy has married the two concepts, creating a program that brings the skill and mindset of a runway session stylist behind the chair to individual salons. This program is exclusive, crafted with detail, and designed to support the salon and stylist in better serving their guests. It is our honor to share with you that our studio has officially become a Kevin Murphy Session Salon—one of only a small number within our region.

As a Kevin Murphy Session Salon, Meraki upholds our commitment to excellence and ongoing education. We chose to invest deeper into the Kevin Murphy brand by joining this program because they share our values of sustainability, charity, education, eco-friendly packaging, and high-quality, natural ingredients. The program is designed around education, with select stylists chosen from each salon to become “Session Stylists.” The Session Stylists attend 4 advanced classes before returning to their salon to then teach what they’ve learned. This process takes all year which speaks to their hard work and dedication to their craft!

Meet Our Two Session Stylists

Beccah was hand-selected for this opportunity by Meraki owner, Michelle. Beccah’s focus on creative styling and avant garde inspiration made her the perfect match for the culture of Kevin Murphy and the Session mindset. Michelle chose someone who could teach her peers in a leadership role, but would also benefit from the confidence-based mindset shifts taught within the program.

Glo was chosen to become a Session Stylist to support her in her growth as a new stylist. Learning a brand thoroughly creates a level of confidence with the products, while also creating a more knowledgeable environment for our guests.

Stylists are educated not only in the brand, but also productivity, communication, and builiding a life long salon business. The classes provide a better understanding of the products, tools, techniques and culture of Kevin Murphy along with cultivating a better relationship between stylist and client. It’s an investment on the part of both the stylist and salon, but it’s one that we truly believe in.

Kevin Murphy launched his Session Salon program globally, and we are only the 2nd territory in the US to launch it. The program ephasizes the symbiotic relationship between the salon and the stylists. A stylist cannot become a Session Stylist without being nominted by a Session Salon. Even the award given to every Session Salon represents this relationship as it is made up of two pieces that connect, but can be detached as well. As the stylist grows, her growth contributes to the growth of the salon, and vice versa. We love that being a part of this program provides educational and growth opportunities for our team as we are able to nominate a new Session Stylist each year.

Even though we are honored to be a Kevin Murphy Session Salon, we still love on our other brands we partner with that reflect our Meraki culture. We have our all natural, organic, texture-focused line, Innersense, along with Original Mineral, an organic Australian brand, and our luxury line, Oribe. Each of our brands brings something different to our guest experience and allows us to take care of a variety of hair types and needs. We cannot wait to continue sharing our in-depth product knowledge with you all, along with giving you the Session Salon experience. Each time you leave our space, we want you to feel like you’ve been treated to a model experience and are now walking the runway with your new style! Congratulate both Glo and Beccah next time they are in!