Meraki “Masterminds”

Every quarter the owner of Meraki, Michelle, likes to meet with some of her stylists to do what she calls a “mastermind”. These meetings include new hires, co-artists, all Level 1 stylists, and the newly promoted. The idea behind the “mastermind” is to give these employees a chance to encourage each other and share ideas so they can all meet their goals, get their dream clients and services, and establish good habits/best practices with accountability and commitments. This is another safe space that Meraki promotes so they feel comfortable asking each other how they are “killing it” in the hair industry and what they are doing to get in the clientele that they truly want.

Forming good habits and improving their skills is what will help our stylists stay ahead of the curve and on top of trends in the industry. This is their chance to chat about what it takes to be successful at the start of their career, to keep away bad habits, how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally, and the different mindsets and physical work needed to achieve the results of a career stylist. The tips that are shared here are recorded and followed up during check-ins throughout the years.
At the beginning of each year, we ask stylists to complete a goal packet, which is when they will write out what they hope to achieve throughout the next 12 months. “Masterminds” are a great time to review these goal packets to make sure they start the year off right and are working towards the individual goals they set for themselves.
“But it was nice to hear that we all had the same struggles and worries and anxieties about us as stylists and to see that it does really only get better.” – Aaron, new Durham Level 1 Stylist
“It’s nice to be able to talk to other stylists that are in similar places in their careers. You can help each other overcome any struggles and get encouragement!” – Emily, Durham Level 1 Stylist
“I definitely felt like it helped me realize that I’m not the only one who struggles with certain services/goals. I also loved being able to share whatever help I could about what I have excelled in or done well with.” – Rhiannon, Raleigh Level 1 Stylist
This is just the kind of stuff we do here at Meraki to make sure we are all growing in a way that works for us from the very beginning and our culture is always “its more than just great hair” its mindset to get you where you want to go! Michelle and her lead managers Summer & Ashley help coach, mentor and grow our team to reach their fullest potential at any given time where we can enjoy the successes of our hard work individually and together.