Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s been 6 years already for our flagship salon in Raleigh! How time flies when we love what we do and the people we get to share it with~our clients!

This is my passion to create spaces for stylists that are unique in the way we do business, the products and services we carry(organic, low toxic!) and the amazing non toxic culture that everyone values and protects like I do, truly creating safer spaces for us all!

I know our guests have loved the feeling of our spaces, it feels refreshing and welcoming in all aspects. We work hard to curate experiences that speak to a warm welcoming inclusivity where we can all relax and pamper ourselves.

Building a business with a team, takes a lot of hard consistent work but having a clear vision for why I do what I do (I want everyone to have safer salon spaces in all the ways, beautiful luxury hair without all the toxins and a fun welcoming experience + building a career not just a job) makes it all worthwhile. I love helping my team meet their personal and professional goals year after year all while growing myself to be a better leader to help serve more people in our industry and community.


Thank you to our loyal guests who have supported us thru the years and want to be apart of what we are building. We thank you for supporting us and our families~growing us all in the process!


I love what I do and I cant wait for the future growth of our company and team!