Happy 2 year anniversary Meraki!

In celebration of our two year anniversary on August 17th, we are delighted to bring you our first ever blog post! We wanted to take a moment to share a little bit about our salon, introduce you to our fabulous leader, and invite you along on the journey as we continue to grow. Our success in reaching this milestone is because of you, our community, and we hold so much gratitude for your unending support.

Meraki began with a multi-faceted dream shaped around the idea of community. We wanted to offer a space where everyone who walked in the door, whether as a team member or guest, felt welcome, heard, and valued. Our vision held purpose behind every aspect of the business, beginning even with our name. The word Meraki means doing something with total love and pure soul—leaving a piece of yourself in your creative work. And that is how we strive to serve our community in each service that we offer. We have designed our culture around the concept of Meraki and the mantra “Creativity, Heart, Purpose.” This mantra defines how we care for both our guests and our team.

Our vision encompassed being more than just another beautiful, luxury salon. While we do offer luxurious hair, we wanted to ensure that the purpose behind everything we do shone through. This is why we’ve chosen to be an education driven salon. Each class that we take and new skillset that we learn better enables us to serve our guests. It’s also why we’ve taken great care in choosing each brand that we partner with whether it be our color lines, haircare products, or retail items. Every brand we work with shares our belief in sustainability and quality, non-harmful ingredients. Everything we do is designed around our ability to serve our guests and enhance their experience with us. We want each person to feel as though we’ve gone above and beyond in taking care of them both while they are in our space and after they’ve left.

Everything that makes up the Meraki mentality is a reflection of our incredible leader, Michelle. With 14 years of experience in the industry, and a gift for connecting with people, Michelle has poured her passion and vision into Meraki to create an environment focused on communication and connection. As a growth-oriented lifelong learner, Michelle leads her team by both example and encouragement to challenge themselves in an intentional way. The culture she has created is one of support, inclusion, and a service-based mindset. Not only does she live by example as a leader, but everything else Meraki has become known for—natural and organic products, plants everywhere, and environmental-consciousness—also reflects how she lives her day to day life. As a female entrepreneur, Michelle also wanted to create a business that could be a catalyst for connecting with like-minded women in need of support. Her passion for connecting in such a way that leads to meaningful change has become a part of the Meraki mindset and how we serve our community.

As we move into our third year, we are so full with gratitude and love for the community we’ve created. We hold so much value for each person who entrusts us with their hair, and we look forward to how we can continue to grow and elevate our service to each of you. The entire Meraki team is excited to bring you new services in the coming year along with continuing to grow in communication and connection with all of you. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more blog posts in the coming weeks!