Green Circle Certified Salon!

As you know, we’re super excited to be making some big changes that will help us further and maintain our commitment of being an eco-friendly salon.  Some of you may be wondering why we decided to make these changes now. We’re glad you asked!

Michelle, Meraki owner, has followed Green Circle for a while. She actually headed up incorporating Green Circle at a previous salon. No doubt they are an incredible company and an industry standard, but here’s how they’re making even more of a difference and why we decided to partner up NOW, this year.

First off, let’s just be really honest. We’ve had these initiatives from the beginning, we just couldn’t afford them. We’ve been so lucky with our growth, especially in this past year, that we were finally able to put it on the table. The team was STOKED about it, and it was a no brainer. We’re always looking to give back as we grow especially since our industry has specific waste needs!

The waste that has come with the additional cleaning and safety measures due to COVID has been alarming to all of us. We are, of course, always going to do all that we can to provide a safe and clean space, but we are thrilled that Green Circle provides new recycling options all the way down to our PPE cleaning supplies. Not to mention, they even offer options for consumers and people outside of the industry, making them accessible and inclusive to everyone, which hello we are allll about.

They also now have a UPS carbon neutral program to offset shipping, which they never had before. And they’re doing so much more with the waste than ever before, too, even on a more local scale. Oil booms are great, but they’re now using the color waste to create clean electricity on the local grid (!), and they’ve recently partnered with VA Tech to create a plastic alternative with the discarded hair. They’ve switched to biodegradable plastic bags for shipping (a huge win in our books), and in general are a truly innovative and growing company that we are beyond proud and lucky enough to team up with.

It is so important for us to partner with people who can help take us to the next level in our mission and culture. It’s been a truly evolving year for Meraki, and what better way to keep the changes moving than in a direction all of us can feel great about?

Much love!

Michelle & the Meraki teams