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Custom Extensions Fit for You!

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It’s part of the Meraki mindset to dedicate ourselves whole-heartedly to offering the best techniques along with perfecting our craft with education and practice. We spent a lot of time researching the various hand-tied hair extensions methods and brands before choosing where to get certified.

Top Hair Salon Southpoint

All pictures on the page are real guests showcasing the hand tied method with custom color!

Top Hair Salon Southpoint, Best Womens Hair Southpoint, Best Hair Colorist Southpoint, Balayage Blonding Southpoint, Best Balayage Southpoint

Woman and stylist demonstrating natural hair extensions

Dreaming of a new look?

Did you know Meraki offers a variety of high end hair extensions to turn your hair goals into reality? When it comes to the services that we offer here at Meraki, we pour a lot of time and energy into researching different brands, methods, and products to ensure we are bringing the very best to our guests.

We made it a priority to research the latest and best new extension methods in order to provide more hair solutions for you, our guests. We decided there was a lot of value we could offer our guests by bringing in both tape-in and hand-tied hair extensions.

Top Hair Salon Southpoint


The Breakdown

We wanted to break down what our new hair extension methods look like and how they could be exactly the hair solution you’ve been looking for.

All of the methods that we offer are completely customizable. We can create any hair color, texture, or curl pattern and take pride in matching you with the right method for your specific hair goals and needs. Every aspect of our hair extensions process is designed around providing the most value to you, our guests.

It was also important to us that our pricing be both competitive and set up to ensure you are receiving the most amount of hair for the cost. We have created custom all inclusive packages to reflect this specialty service! Book a Consult Today!

Top Hair Salon Southpoint


Our Partnership

We are proud to partner with Bello Haven, for both hand tied and machine weft hair.

Currently our specialists are certified in the seamless no show method of tying wefted hair for the most comfortable technique yet along with several other styles/techniques to truly create the best custom fit for you and your hair needs.

We vetted every company we work with from the extension methods to the hair suppliers, and guarantee the quality of our hair extensions.

All of our stylists who offer each method have been certified within that method, taken models for hands-on practice, and are committed to continuing to grow their extension artistry.

A woman shows off her custom natural hair extensions

Custom Colored Hand Tied Extensions

Hand-tied beaded hair extensions are having a moment and for good reason! Our team is certified in seamless and no show methods. They are the most natural, light-weight hair extensions out there, and they provide the most amount of hair with the fewest attachment points. They ensure minimal to no hair loss and maintain scalp health. We also love that you can style them with more variety than other extension methods. We use hand tied and machine weft hair.

Custom Colored Tape In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a great solution for adding length and/or a little bit of volume. They work best for folks who don’t need to pull their hair up often, and can be combined with other styles for those with fine hair who’s density varies throughout the head including solutions for hair loss/density.

Jess tape in final
A rack of hair extensions on hangers

HALOCOUTOURE Halo Extensions

Perfect option for special events and temporary use! Over ten years ago, we revolutionized the hair extension industry with The Original Halo®. A simple design, that is self-applied and damage-free. Today we offer hundreds of styles, lengths, colors, and blends to create gorgeous transformations you will love.

Learn more about Halo’s! 

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