Expanded Curly Cut Menu

Here at Meraki we truly love all types of hair and curly/coiled is no exception! In fact we have invested as a salon in education that caters to all types of curls for a truly inclusive hair experience in this category! We choose our curly education without a specific brand or technique because we believe curly hair should be cut intentional and intuitively not according to a set procedure or technique but rather a combination to ensure the curls show the way we as stylists cut/form your hair.

We carefully select products that are especially critical for our curly/coiled guests to have available at any time and include product education so your finished look can be cared for at home! We choose water soluble options, vegan, organic and cruelty free so the hair is cared for deeper within the hair shaft and not just the “surface” concerns, ensuring healthy hair each time! We make sure the hair is prepped or “detoxed” from other heavy or silicone based products and have extensive scalp care treatments at our disposal. We are constantly looking for ways to expand our services and varieties as a function of our client care so we present our newly expanded curly cuts…..


Now you can choose from:

SHAMPOO CURLY CUT— This service is for those coming in with curly hair (not prepped for receiving a dry refresh curly cut) and includes detox wash, cut, and style.

NEW CLIENT FREEFORM CURLY CUT — Ideal for any of your first time curly clients, this service includes shampoo + detox treatment, conditioning treatment, curl by curl cut, and extended finish.  You’ll also a receive a special take-home bag with instructional styling sheet, along with products best suited for you, and a flour sack towel to keep those curls healthy!

REFRESH DRY CURLY CUT—  This ones for those who come in with curly, dry-styled hair. Ideally, you’ve already come in for your New Client Freeform Curly Cut and we’re just maintaining those beautiful locks.

For a look at all our service updates head to our website here! Also peep our curly hair specialists available in both locations!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a consult request for more information.