Earth Month Meraki Initiatives!

Happy Earth Day!

You all know that sustainability is important to us. And this year, even with all of the changes with the inclusion of Meraki 2, we’ve made even more strides towards maintaining our promise of an eco-friendly salon. Whether it’s specifically in our salon or with our take-home retail products, we have upped our game and just in time for Earth Day!

To start, we are now officially Green Circle Salon members, which means we’ll be able to better and more safely give the following waste new life:

  • Hair clippings
  • Used foils
  • Color tubes
  • Excess hair color
  • Paper, plastic and more!

Their Green Guarantee means our beauty waste won’t end up in a landfill or waterway. To help with this, all transactions will now include a $1.50 stewardship fee. Meraki makes no profit from this, and it goes directly towards the cost of these initiatives + shipping. We appreciate your support! We’ll also have a PPE waste box to properly dispose of all PPE materials, which you’re also welcome to order! Just ask and we’re happy to order one for you.

We’ve used EcoHeads at our Raleigh location, and will now have them at our Meraki2 location, as well! The professional grade shower head not only saves water and energy by restricting water flow, it is the only spray nozzle that also increases pressure and therefore reduces rinse times. With the dual filtration system, the ECOHEADS also cleans the water before it hits the scalp so you aren’t packing in harmful rust, dirt or sediment onto the beautiful color you just created.


We will also begin using Vish, a Bluetooth enabled scale connected to the Vish Color Bar app. Information is communicated for a smooth and seamless checkout, where we can not only more accurately charge for color being used, but eliminate color waste. It’ll automatically save your formula, save you money, and help us maintain our promise of sustainability. Win, win, win!

Lastly, and perhaps most excitingly, our refill stations have finally arrived! You can now refill your Oway glass bottles in Raleigh and Durham, and your O&M products in Durham! Save your bottles and save 10% when you fill them back up with us!

We are beyond thrilled to include these important changes in our salon, and we are so appreciative of your help and support to keep Meraki on an ever-upward path of sustainability. Happy Earth Day today, and everyday ?