COVID Policies~Updated July 2020!

We are thrilled to let you know that we are reopening Meraki Salon on Saturday May 23rd from 9am-6pm, followed by Monday the 25th from 10-6pm! Our operating hours moving forward will continue to remain the same but with stylist schedules being adjusted. We will be operating at a limited staff so please email or call for availability. We cannot wait to welcome you back into the doors of Meraki for a much needed catch up and pamper.

First, we want to wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support of our small business, we wouldn’t be opening back up without it and we are all so grateful! We will have many ways to continue to say thanks in the coming weeks! Stay up to date with the latest daily on our instagram page @merakisalonnc We have new services and products coming for you, get pumped! Keep on the lookout June 1st!

We want our salon to be somewhere you can relax and feel safe mentally, emotionally and physically in these still uncertain times so things will be a bit different when you enter.

Please read the following carefully:

Be mindful we will be required to operate at a reduced capacity~which means no extra people waiting in the space, no “double booking” so one client will have that full time reserved with their stylist, social distancing in all common areas for clients and team. We have opened and remain open under our 50% allowed customer capacity.

New modified schedules will be maintained by stylists for a period of time to offset volume and further reduce capacity(call or email us for availability)

Clients will be required to fill out our waiver with symptom checks & a TEMP check, before each appointment as a form of confirming their service.This will be sent virtually so please make sure your email and phone number are up to date. This is a requirement in order to receive any service, first and subsequent visits, or to simply be able to enter our salon. The symptom checks will be done 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This is to ensure BEFORE you arrive to your appointment you do not have any symptoms and are screened as best we can as recommended by the CDC so as not to jeopardize any team member upon entering.

Waiting area will be outside or in your cars until we call or motion for you to enter. No one will be allowed to sit inside unless in your stylists chair. Please be on time as we are time sensitive in order to get everyone in and things sanitized.

You will be required to wash/sanitize your hands upon arrival and before receiving your service.

We ask you to bring only the essentials to your appointment, no handbags etc

We ask for ALL who enter to wear a face mask(with ear loops ONLY), all staff will be required to wear one at all times.

We are unable to provide masks for guests at this time so please bring your own ear looped face mask before entering the building. This must remain on during your entire visit and service inside. If a documented medical condition directly prevents you from wearing, we ask you to disclose that to us(NOT the details of your condition just that you have that reason) before booking and we can schedule you with someone who may feel comfortable performing that service but that is not guaranteed as well as at a time that accommodates other high risk team members and their right to not be present in the space.

Please observe CDC recommended guidelines of 6 feet markers and sanitation guidelines when entering the salon. Please follow the BLUE arrows and X to know exactly where to check in and out for our front desk team’s safety. We have a wireless terminal at the front door to ensure social distancing at the end of a 4 foot table away from the front desk. Please pay attention to those indicators. EVERY stylist station is 6 feet apart from each other and we have “barriers” at our shampoo bowls for continued safety.

Temp checks and symptom screening will be performed as each team member reports to work each day just as clients will need to fill out each time they visit via the virtual doc.

We will be and have been consistently scheduling sanitation and clean time after each guest, all stylists and the salon as a whole have been certified in COVID specific sanitation and infection control requirements and best practices. We disinfect after each guest, every time. All common areas and touch-points are sanitized with hospital grade disinfectants after each guest and through out the day.

All metal tools will be sanitized by UV sterilizer methods

We will be discontinuing beverage and snack amenities until further notice, you may bring your own in a closed container and dispose of it yourself

We will only be accepting touchless payments, no cash or checks and a card on file will be required to secure appointments moving forward. You may choose to remove it on file after your service is complete but it will be required for your next booking.

We will be discontinuing our return and exchange retail policy until further notice to further reduce points of contact.

We recommend that you ask for assistance in getting retail off the shelf, we will grab it for you!

Even though we are operating below our required capacity of 50{5bd29328cdc9401ae7b168615b353f40754a28c771fd8248ba1fba8b85b084c3}, Monday-Weds all day and Thursday before noon are the lowest capacity days for those who may prefer those times. Those may represent capacity at 20-30{5bd29328cdc9401ae7b168615b353f40754a28c771fd8248ba1fba8b85b084c3} or less. Please request those times if you feel moved to do so.

Makeup services, except for scheduled brides, will be discontinued for a period of time

Facial waxing will be at the discretion of the stylist and their comfort level in doing so and may not be guaranteed

Some stylists may choose to reduce their finish and blow dry times but is per stylist preference or client request.

While we were closed, we were busy preparing for our reopening with lots of new safety, hygiene and distancing measures in place. Due to the increased PPE requirements and extra sanitation time we will be raising our service prices by a nominal fee moving forward(less than 10{5bd29328cdc9401ae7b168615b353f40754a28c771fd8248ba1fba8b85b084c3}). We appreciate your understanding.

As such, we are kindly asking customers not to make an appointment if:

  • You have experienced any cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days
  • Have been in contact with anyone with cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days

Please be mindful our cancellation and no show policies are still enforced at this time, see our Policy page for full details.

We will continue to follow CDC, state and state board of Cosmetology requirements upon opening and moving forward to ensure the most up to date sanitation and infection control methods for your and our teams continued safety. We also have thorough plans in place if COVID-19 is found to be in our space by client or team at any time. Please help us avoid this by following our required sanitation, infection control and PPE guidelines. We appreciate everyones support as we navigate these uncertain times and we will continue to get thru this together!

We can’t wait to see you!

P.S. Please check out Meraki’s owner, Michelle in a panel discussion for the city of Raleigh further explaining all the ways we take care of our team and clients at this time!