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What's Meraki?

5-Star Rated Salon RTP, Award Winning Salon RTP, Top Hair Salon RTP, Best Hair Salon RTP, Best Womens Hair RTP

An inclusive modern-luxury holistic salon culture that is a safe space for Creatives (and Clients) to feel valued, accepted, seen, and heard. A brand that gives a VOICE to Stylists, empowers them with a growth-mindset and career path, and provides them the clear path to create true time + financial freedom. Known for being a non-toxic culture + beauty home that empowers, educates and evolves Stylists through their entire career.

We are an employee based commission style Top 200 Salon, a Top 50 Organic Oway Salon in North America, Kevin Murphy Session Salon, a Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Salon, Green Circle Carbon Neutral Salon & safer space salon utilizing all the resources and support these certifications include to provide the safest & cleanest salon space for both our guests and team.

Why choose Meraki as your Salon home?

Are you craving a team environment again that truly supports you, with a leadership team that actually wants you as the individual to succeed?

Are you looking to make more than $40,000 as a 2-3+ year stylist & more than $80,000+ as a seasoned stylist?

Are you a stylist tired of paying for all your own education with no support, direction or room to grow? Do you not vibe with your managers/leads or owner? Are you not receiving tools needed to do your day to day or support when you aren’t at your best and worn out? Do you want to get your own place, have some extra spending cash and not have to rely on your parents for income?

Are you a booth rent/independent stylist that left to start your own thing but it’s not working out how you’d hoped? It seems like you’re doing tons more work & after taxes seem to be making the same money as when you were in a salon? Are you tired of doing all the work on your own? Running back and forth to the supply store, dealing with 1000 texts/dm’s from clients?

It might be time to check out our amazing full service commission salon, where we handle everything so you can focus on what you do best~hair & client care! We’ll even coach you to become even better & make more money in the process. We will provide clear paths to other opportunities in the salon like mentorship & educator if that’s a goal a yours. We do it with you, teaching you the tips, tricks & secrets to leverage your talents, skills & abilities to achieve success, daily & long term.

Meraki was built by an organic colorist/stylist for stylists interested in non toxic culture using low toxic products/chemicals. Our passion is to create spaces that allow you to have a seat at the table & lead your career in cooperation with leadership, a present owner & an amazing team to have your back everyday focused on positivity & good vibes from the top down. We empower our team to reach their potential by encouraging them to grow & innovate!

Our Core Values~


  • Leadership support to stay inspired, give you direction & help you set goals!
  • Toxin Free Culture/Environment+Products(top organic salon in the U.S)Check our Culture Code Here!
  • No cap in pay or opportunities~innovative performance based sliding scale~no need to wait or ask to earn MORE!
  • Grow quickly & make money
  • Paid for Education~Maintain your inspiration & creativity
  • Paid Assistants~be efficient with your time+double your income
  • Flexible scheduling/Guaranteed days off/Key holder
  • Employee discounts
  • Retirement plan w/ 3% match
  • FREE Fitness + Yoga Studio access 24/7
  • Health Benefits
  • No Non-Competes

Be apart of a company & team that is always growing in order to give back to our team+clients. You will be given the tools & resources to help you flourish without negativity or distractions.

5-Star Rated Salon RTP, Award Winning Salon RTP, Top Hair Salon RTP, Best Hair Salon RTP, Best Womens Hair RTP, Best Womens Hair RTP

We trust if this speaks to you on any level you will hit the button below, take 30 seconds to answer 5 questions & create the opportunities & career you were meant to have~here at Meraki!