What's Meraki?

We are a Top 200 Salon, Kevin Murphy Session Salon and a Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Salon, utilizing all the resources and support these certifications include to provide the safest & cleanest salon space for both our guests and team.

We aim to consistently care and connect to our guests using organic, eco-friendly, cruelty free, low toxic hair care products to produce a high end customizable craft hair salon experience. We intend to fix, reuse, recycle and repurpose whenever possible. We are a certified Green Circle Salon & work with Vish to reduce, eliminate and safely dispose of all industry waste to make our salons truly safe, clean & sustainable! We are committed to clean air , reducing allergens we use in styling & chemicals & routinely maintaining our filters/ventilation systems.

We strive to become the best hair salon and in turn deliver the best both in our craft, our industry and in our communities here in Raleigh. It is our desire for all who enter our doors to be treated uniquely and with respect, leaving with a sophisticated and trendy style/color/cut and feeling exceptional! We want our team & guests to feel heard, respected and seen in all ways, at all times.

What's Next?

I know all this sounds too good to be true but trust us it is not! We are choosy with who joins our team, looking patiently for those who are committed to their own growth as well as supporting others even when it’s hard.

You will accomplish great things and be presented with any opportunity you would like. We are committed every day to providing the tools, support and guidance to deliver the best results, the best client care, receive the best education in whatever form that looks like to you(we are in a beautiful creative industry with so much to offer after all)and grow inside and out! We make education and growth fun, look easy and customized the way you learn best.

We are advancing our industry in general with our chemical safety, the way we value our time, the creative work we put out, best practices for longevity behind the chair, someone to support you to plan for your financial future, mental & emotional inclusive support, and education on better products, the latest creative techniques followed by the personal skills to make that stick! We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to anything so we will always grow, change and evolve in the ways that our industry, our team and our community need us! We act with integrity, compassion, empathy, care and concern for all that enter our doors~no exceptions!

We trust if this speaks to you on any level you will hit the button below and create the opportunities and career you were meant to have~here at Meraki!


Why choose Meraki as your Salon home?

We’ll take care of you so you can take care of your guests~

  • Led by 16 year industry veteran & organic colorist, that’s 100% focused on coaching/mentoring stylists to achieve their financial & professional goals
  • We provide continued/diverse education by top independent artists, including cultural & community education
  • You get to focus on your guest/client care & be the most creative behind the chair
  • Truly collaborative team environment of unique artists
  • You’re afforded a flexible schedule
  • We provide all the products/tools you need
  • Brand yourself how you want + marketing provided
  • Health+Retirement Benefits
  • Chemical/Safety/Sanitation Training+COVID Support
  • The best Organic/Natural/Low Toxic Products
  • Guidance to Keep you Sustainable in this Industry
  • Competitive & Attainable Commission Rates
  • Teaching/Leadership/Mentoring Opportunities with Specialized Training
  • Inclusive Safe Space where we have fun & support each other!



What are you waiting for? Join Meraki today!