What's Meraki?

5-Star Rated Salon RTP, Award Winning Salon RTP, Top Hair Salon RTP, Best Hair Salon RTP, Best Womens Hair RTP

An inclusive modern-luxury holistic salon culture that is a safe space for Creatives (and Clients) to feel valued, accepted, seen, and heard. A brand that gives a VOICE to Stylists, empowers them with a growth-mindset and career path, and provides them the clear path to create true time + financial freedom. Known for being a non-toxic culture + beauty home that empowers, educates and evolves Stylists through their entire career.

We are an employee based commission style Top 200 Salon, a Top 50 Organic Oway Salon in North America, Kevin Murphy Session Salon, a Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Salon, Green Circle Carbon Neutral Salon & safer space salon utilizing all the resources and support these certifications include to provide the safest & cleanest salon space for both our guests and team.

Why choose Meraki as your Salon home?


  • Take home an average (for a beginning stylist) $35-40,000.00 year 1
  • Experience explosive growth with mentorship & support unique to you!
  • Team+leadership support you need to stay inspired & on track
  • Make up to 65% commission with our innovative performance based sliding scale~no need to wait or ask to earn MORE! Check out what the team says here!
  • Transparent compensation from what you charge to what you ACTUALLY take home~no weird math or smokescreens here!
  •  FREE Education~Maintain your inspiration & creativity~no strings!
  • Paid Assistants~be efficient with your time+double income
  • Not required to double book or do Ala cart services~take the time you need for your guest!
  • Flexibility to book + charge what you want over our base prices/timing!
  • Toxin Free Culture+Products(top organic salon in the U.S)Check our Culture Code Here!
  • Career Paths to create true time+financial freedomListen to why this is important to the owner Michelle
  • Freedom to come & go with flexible schedules/Guaranteed days off/Key holder
  • 40% off all retail as employee discounts+free hair
  • Retirement plan w/ 3% match
  • FREE Fitness + Yoga Studio access 24/7
  • Health Benefits
  • No Non-Competes

Michelle the owner, along with her team love creating opportunities for everyones zone of genius and putting immense career paths on paper for each one to see and choose which path speaks to them at any given time, from “baby” stylist to a 10+ year stylist! There’s no lack of  PAID advanced education monthly as well as scheduled times to connect with each other+have FUN monthly! We love looking for ways to give back to our community with events, pop-ups, workshops and volunteer days. We have helped all of our stylists accomplish personal goals. We help you build a career!

We are eager to welcome those who want to give back to a team around them, pay it forward and give their knowledge and tips freely, this speaks to our non-toxic culture as well as products which are apart of Michelle’s own health journey behind the chair. Every item on our shelves is researched and picked with intention to support health, wellness +high end professional results done in a sustainable way.

Be apart of a company and team that is always growing in order to give back to our team+clients. You will be given the tools & resources to help you flourish without negativity or distractions. We can’t wait to meet you!

Check out what our current team has to say about their favorites…

“I really enjoy the culture here, whole reason reason I came here was because of the people and the supportive vibe, everyone is super supportive, room to be yourself, not have to fit into one box, grow be creative be yourself, the education is the best I have witnessed, feel solid with it, know if I have any questions I can just ask.”~Rhiannon

“Love the clean lo toxic, eco friendly cruelty free products we use here. The older I get, the more in tune I get with the quality of products, sensitive skin, loves the teamwork, can always no matter what count on everyone to help out, everyone has their strong points which helps to bounce ideas off of. Michelle is an amazing leader, never met someone who puts in as much time as she does, really cares about everyones needs, she furthers herself and her education to bring back to get us to push further and holds us accountable.”~Katie

5-Star Rated Salon RTP, Award Winning Salon RTP, Top Hair Salon RTP, Best Hair Salon RTP, Best Womens Hair RTP, Best Womens Hair RTP

We trust if this speaks to you on any level you will hit the button below and create the opportunities and career you were meant to have~here at Meraki!