BIG Plans for 2021, Take a Look!

Let’s face it. 2020 was unpredictable, but with your help we persevered in big ways, like expanding to the Durham community with Meraki 2. One thing about us, though: We don’t stop there. And we’ve got some big goals for 2021!

First up! We plan to fully encompass our role as a Holistic Hair Tribe Partner, by including even more eco-friendly haircare and products. This means we’ll have even more low toxicity, organic, and eco-friendly color AND products for purchase through our retail selection.

You may have noticed that we’ve switched out some of our old product lines to make room for new ones, like Oway, O&M, and Cult + King. These are all companies who believe in creating eco-friendly products through ingredients as well as packaging. We cannot wait for our Oway refill station to come in, so you can refill your Oway glass bottles right here at Meraki!


As far as color for in-salon services, we are proud to use the cleanest, lowest-toxic color line in the *world* in Durham, with Cor by O&M. In Raleigh, we use Kevin Murphy, which is honey based, ammonia-free, and lower toxicity than other professional color lines (with the only exception of Cor).

We also plan to create a philanthropic initiative, to be led by Meraki collectively. We, as a team, will come together to choose different ways to allocate money, time, and/or services to organizations, people, and initiatives that we care about.  We’ve already got plenty of ideas floating around, and are excited for this additional way to come together as a team!

We want to ensure that all education this year is peer-taught or led by independent artists. The value of peer-taught education is three-fold. The stylist teaching gains so much more information by becoming the educator, while also gaining the skill set of leadership and public speaking, as well. Our team feels more comfortable listening, asking questions, and is more present with a peer-teacher. Lastly, it allows us to highlight one of our team members in a really special way. We also appreciate the importance of independent artists, and want to learn from them as much as we can.

Last (but not least!) we want to offer more extension-certified stylists, creating more space for high end services at accessible rates. You may have noticed that we’ve really upped our extension game.  We’ve been thrilled at the amount of clients who’ve come in seeking longer, fuller locks with the help of extensions, and we’re so pleased to have various options for you to choose from.  We will continue to offer our tape-in and sew-in extensions, but have also introduced Halo’s as part of our new extension service, which are a super easy and versatile way to incorporate extensions. Find out more on our extensions page, here


We hope to hear from you all on how we can become a more intentional member of your community giving you the best education to create the perfect hair experience in Raleigh AND in Durham!

We appreciate you taking the time to read and follow along!