3 Ways to Style Bangs!

Here it is! 3 different ways to style your bangs! These methods work best on bangs that are on the longer side (eyebrow or below) but please feel free to experiment when styling your hair! These are just meant to help those who need it ☺️ by RhiannonInstagram Video!

✔️ METHOD 1: classic shaggy bang! For this one you’ll need at least a small round brush, flat brush is optional since you can also use your hands but it does help 👍🏻
– start by flatbrushing or directing hair side to side with low speed and medium heat until roots are dry
– grab your small round brush and go on top of the side sections and roll back slightly at a diagonal. This will create your flips and curls!
– go to the center UNDER the section and roll downward with little tension to create a soft amount of volume
-fluff how you like when dry!

✔️METHOD 2: Roundbrushing everything under! This method is for if you want a more voluminous shape that does not flip outward.

– rough dry roots with hands first!
– start roundbrushing under the section in the center and working your way out if needed. Try to overdirect the sides to the middle with the brush!
– fluff as desired!

✔️METHOD 3: Handstyling! Personally one of my fave ways to style bangs because it does not require a blow dryer!
– start by adding a texturizing product to the bangs, I love using @owayorganics Sea Salt Spray!
– brush or comb hair into place on forehead. This will look different for everyone, but try to go for how you want it to look when dry!
– optional: Clip up sides of bang to accentuate flips and face framing
– Diffuse or air dry! Then fluff as desired 💕