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Best hair salon Durham

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An inclusive modern-luxury holistic salon culture that is a safe space for Creatives (and Clients) to feel valued, accepted, seen, and heard. A brand that gives a VOICE to Stylists, empowers them with a growth-mindset and career path, and provides them the clear path to create true time + financial freedom. Known for being a non-toxic culture + beauty home that empowers, educates and evolves Stylists through their entire career.

We embrace the AND not the OR in the ways we conduct our business & express our talents:

Creativity AND Discipline

Innovation AND Execution

Humility AND Audacity

Freedom AND Responsibility


From the founder, Michelle: I remember when I visited salons as a kid and was so scared to be seen and heard, always afraid and equally fascinated by the skill it took to perform a service and then to feel so changed and beautiful after was a gem in my young angst driven adolescence . These curiosities brought me to the industry to give that same feeling to others thru my hands and skills. Then it turned on me…making me sick for years finally erupting out of my skin and pores the toxic sludge I had been absorbing for a decade and I was so heartbroken I wouldn’t be able to serve my guests again. 

I took that sorrow and unforeseen circumstance and shifted it to understanding the cause of this and researching a better safer way to perform what I loved. It was too late for me(my blood had reached toxic levels and I was now sensitive to even good for you things) but I was determined to pass along my experience and knowledge to other stylists and provide the same beauty to our guests, achieving beautiful luxury results without having to sacrifice their health even if “its just an hour”. This is the foundation of why I opened Meraki Salons, to provide safer spaces for stylists to have longevity in their careers and produce top level work and for our community~showing them they don’t have to choose beauty over health. 

This has spread in my passion to provide a strong team, growth and education centered culture which lends to that unseen but felt “feeling” when you step into our spaces. We are different because my experience as the founder is unique and my intent has always been to give back to our industry and our community thru what we do.

Best hair salon Durham, Award-winning salon Durham, 5-Star Rated Salon Durham, Top Rated Salon Durham, Top Hair Salon Durham

Established in 2017, we are a Kevin Murphy Session Salon, a Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Salon & a Safer Space Salon through the Dress Code Alliance. Meraki Salons is a Top 200 awarded hair salon ranked as one of the best hair stylist salons in Raleigh & Durham, NC as well as a Top 50 organic salon in the world!

Green Circle Certified. We provide safe, clean, welcoming salon spaces for both our guests and team. Check out map, hours, services & more!

“I WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE. 10/10 recommend them. The aesthetic of the salon is just so chill & makes it feel so welcome. It’s worth paying considering it is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic salon. Shelby shared the owners story with me and it just made the experience all the more sweet.”

“The salon itself is super cute, love the plants. I really like that they are intentional about their products and sourcing sustainable options. They even have a refill station for one of their brands they carry.”

“From such a friendly and warm welcome to a spacious waiting area with various delicious refreshments I felt at ease.”

“Beautiful salon with great products and stylists!”

“I love the atmosphere at Meraki and always appreciate the attentiveness and friendly welcome I receive here.”

See Rebeccas experience here: Insta vid!

Come experience Meraki yourself and see what everyone is talking about all these years!

Welp, I know where I’m going for hair salons from now on. Been to both locations, this one happens to be closer and I am HERE for it! Ask for literally anyone, and you’ll be happy 😊 I had the pleasure of having Kerry take care of me and THAT. SHE. DID 🥺🙏🏼 HAIR. ANGELS. ARE AMONG US”

— Marcus C.

Katie did a wonderful job cutting my straight, fine hair into a beautiful bob: undercut, feathering done with skillful layering, so that it looks great even if I don’t have time to blow it dry every day. THANK YOU, KATIE!!!”

— Deborah G.

“I FLY from Boston for Summer! If that doesn’t tell you how amazing she is, I don’t know what would!!”

— Anne M.

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